Additional Credit based Pricing Plan

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I'm sure you have put a lot of thought into your pricing model and I'm aware that a lot of suggestions have been made in that regard. However, what I've been missing on several occasions was a plan whit a credit-based pricing plan. The use case is this: We have been and will be building tools for companies for automating parts of their digital (fabrication) processes. As opposed to product configurators, such tools are for internal use only and don't get used all the time - maybe even only once every month. Providing it as an online Shapdediver-based standalone tool to them rather than a Grasshopper Definition has a lot of advantages. However, there is a high threshold for companies to commit to the costs of a monthly PRO subscription. I'm sure an additional credit-based plan would lower this threshold significantly for some companies to harness the power of Rhino and Grasshopper through Shapediver for those little automation tools.

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